Hampstead mansions, an avant garde council housing estate and stocking up our Stamford showroom.

Tuesday 20th February – Another day, another trip out to look at Curtains. This time Mr DV and I ventured down to Hampstead in North West London to visit a house on Rosecroft Avenue, a house so big that all the houses or flats we’ve lived in so far could fit into this house and still have plenty of room to spare!  As is often the case some of the curtains were not suitable where others were eminently sellable so we filled up the car with new stock and said our goodbyes.

As we were in the area we popped in to see one of my best friends who lives just round the corner in the iconic Spedan Close, what used to be known as the Branch Hill Estate probably the most expensive council estate in the land! Built in the late 1970’s by Architects Benson and Forsyth in conjunction with Camden Council, it was and remains a very avant garde estate in its day and still now trainee architects are often brought to the estate to view its angular and clever designs.spedan closeJPG
Mr DV doesn’t drink tea or coffee or milk so has his own fruit tea bags which he keeps in the car for such an occasion! So weird!!

Wednesday the 21st saw us pointing the car up the A1 to Stamford where one of our showrooms is located inside St Martins Antiques. We love Stamford, a lovely old town well worth a visit if you haven’t been! Once we had tidied up the show area and changed over some of the stock we decided to photograph and hang one of the pairs of curtains we had picked up from Hampstead the day before.
Remember those adverts some years ago for IKEA when they had the slogan ‘chuck out the chintz’, well these curtains are chintz and revel in it. They’re a Colefax & Fowler interlined and glazed cotton print called ‘Saltrum’ and are in great pretty much unblemished condition. They would fit a window roughly 102″ wide by 105 ” drop or if you prefer metric, unlike us, 260 by 268 cms and you’ll find them on our website Here.