From local Italians to three Wise Monkeys

From working at our showroom on Saturday morning to a great local Italian Restaurant in the evening followed by a visit to a new showroom for our curtains on Sunday.

We’ve had a really busy and rewarding weekend to tell you about and it all started with a busy morning at our showroom at Coursers Farm where we were visited by clients buying curtains and other bringing curtains in to us.

We’re currently living in a converted Bake House hidden away in a side street just outside St Albans but enough about that! Just round the corner from us is a very nice Italian Cafe called Carmelos Kitchen which has now opened in the evening as a fully fledged Italian Restaurant which serves amazing and really authentic Italian food and we went there on Saturday evening.

We started off with two friends of ours at our place for some serious G&T’s and then strode confidently in fairly straight lines round to the restaurant where the evening seemed to slide by in a combination of great tasting food and two bottles of lush wine! That over we walked back slightly less confidently to ours for a brandy then shoving our friends gently out the door we retired to bed while our friends were last seen meandering down the lane to find their own way home!! We love @carmeloskitchen and suggest you find it and pay them a visit.

What is that expression about Saturday nights and Sunday mornings I can’t remember but anyway eventually on Sunday we finally got our act together and went off to visit an


Antique Emporium called The Three Wise Monkeys where we are going to start displaying some of our curtains from March onwards. This is a really lovely outlet attached to the barns which houses the Osprey of London Outlet store and is situated near the village of Sandridge just outside St Albans. It has a great feel about it and includes a lovely Cafe called the Wildflower Cafe. We will have a wall upstairs which you can see when you come upstairs as its on the way to the Nelson Mandela room with its amazing picture of the man himself. I’ll even be working there for two days a month and I’ll let you know when I’m there.

Meanwhile if you want to see some of the curtains we have for sale follow this link to our main website. As well as this if you have any questions about us selling curtains for you use the Contact Us page of our website.